Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time, oh time...where are you?

I marvel at the blogs I read.  So many FABULOUS ideas.  So many things I could do.  Where do you all find the time? 
Sometimes I have to sit back and give myself a little pat on the back and say--"It's have 4 kids and a job, and pets and obligations here and there....

Sometimes...just sometimes, I have a little time.  Time to cook something fabulous from scratch.
lemon basil pasta--and yes the pasta was from scratch....

Or-I carve out the time to make something that has me standing back and smiling...

Crochet lace  and beaded crochet on the edges of the "Pink's" socks (we call her The Pink because she is the only girl in a sea of boys and ohh so kissable!)

It's ok...Mostly Sunny~ you do what you can with your time. 

1 comment:

  1. That pasta looks amazing! I wish I had the patience to make a meal that yummy!