Monday, October 18, 2010

The Princess Pink's first birthday~

A year in the making.  A sweet girl turns ONE~and a big party ensues!!  My mother cooked up a storm, my sister and I crafted away...and the Dol table (traditional Korean 1st b-day party) was a success!  Happy birthday baby!
Now we move on to our oldest son J who will be 9 in November.  Having his "friend" birthday this coming weekend-so we can take the kiddos to the haunted corn maze!!!!  (there is a plus for celebrating in Oct rather than in November!!)

This week's agenda will be to ready myself for this with Halloween decor!!  I started with the guilded pumpkin display in the dining camera didn't take great photos...made the dessert stands with a little spraypaint, candlesticks and plates from the thrift store! 

And am putting finishing touches on the ribbon wreath.....with a little help from R
....and I bought my BOO letters to become a doorhanger...mod podge--oh where did I put you???


  1. your baby IS SO ADORABLE!!! :D
    i just want to pinch those cheeks!
    hope you stop by again and following publicly would awesome too!!

  2. I did a Tol table for my little one's first birthday too! We're not Korean but when I heard about it I thought it was the cutest idea ever! Apparently my little girl will be a scholar and a good cook. :)