Monday, November 1, 2010

How many spoons....

We just recently returned from vacation where we rented a townhome that had what they called a "fully stocked" kitchen.  It had 8 plates, bowls and cups...8 forks, spoons, knives...that kind of thing-basic can opener, one slotted spoon, one get my drift.  Well, I found myself using and washing and putting was marvelous-it was peaceful and I didn't once feel overwhelmed.  Calm.  I had what I "needed."  Now-if I were to be having a dinner party there, it would have been trouble-but how often do I have dinner parties?  ummmm--hardly.  Seriously--this kitchen was darn near perfect.  Containing only what was needed (other than the ugly chicken in the corner of the counter)-and only HIGH QUALITY stuff! (I LOOOVE the plates above the sink-wish I had a plate holder like that!)

For the last few months I have felt chaotic.  I wondered if it was the addition of our daughter (who just turned one and is toddling about) or it was the older kids getting adjusted to school starting again, or the fact that we probably have too many animals and well...just too much STUFF.

I think it is a combination of things-but mostly the STUFF that I feel is out of control.

I have been on a minimalist journey for a while now-and while I have made some great strides in certain areas, other areas REALLY have been neglected....LIKE MY OWN KITCHEN!  ohhh baby-check out those cabinets!-and in case you were wondering....yes that is my Mod Podge in my cabinet with my dishes...OMG.
The plus is that the crystal drinkware in there used to go unused.  I finally decided "saving it for a special occasion" was dumb. Everyday is a special occasion! :)


So, I get home and my cupboards are spilling over with dishes, tupperware...stuff.

I will proceed with photos of progress as I am culling my clutter and things we don't need. many spoons/knives/forks does a family of 6 NEED???????????  Certianly not TWO sets like I have here.   (oh and this is just one drawer of my stuff.  I complain that I don't have enough SPACE in my kitchen.  MY kitchen is TWICE the size of the one at the rented townhome. Somethings not right.

All this being said-the kitchen is one of my most difficult areas to declutter because I was raised by my mother who is a SAVER.  She saves EVERYTHING...Lots of positive self talk going on here-I can do this.


  1. Totally understand your post! Where soes the stuff come form....I need to do some decluttering in my kitchen too. Be sure to post your progress....I've become a follower! Good Luck!

  2. I just cleaned out 2 closets and declutting is tough.