Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ohhh poor neglected blog...

What was I thinking trying to declutter around the holidays??  Ok, Ok...I did get the drawers and some cupboards in my kitchen cleared out--but then holiday festivities began and all goes awry. 

It's all good though.  Some really great memories were made amidst the clutter~like N~who spent twice as long as his brothers carefully perfecting his cookie before devouring it.  It's all in the details for N. 
Or how about a small girl in a pink dress?  She grins when being told by her brothers that she is PRETTY...mommy also likes to tell her that she is SMART!

and the tree....late is better than never-right?
In the middle of all this-I managed to bake 10 loaves of English thyme artisan bread yesterday-(teacher gifts), made the rosemary sea salt butter-I finished off the treats for a cookie exchange on Friday, nearly finished this dishcloth

and made another little taggie minky for Miss M~

so...I've been been busy--but a good busy  Lots of homemade gifts going out this year~consumable things for others.  I feel better about that.  I hate the accumulation of "stuff" which is why I am mildly nervous about the holidays...


  1. Oh I need to know how to do the taggie blanket! So adorable...and YES couldn't agree more about the 'stuff'!

  2. Taggie is SOOOO easy...and make great gifts!