Friday, January 14, 2011

It's her JOB.

Having a toddler or tow or three or four (in my case-although not all at once) you learn a few things.  Little Miss Pink has her own rituals.  Her "job" as my friend calls it.  "It's her JOB."'s not shopping-although she does love the mall.
It is something far more exciting for her...and it keeps a momma on her toes.  She is a DECLUTTERER!  Or more accurately--she is my inspiration to declutter.  she starts with a daily trip to the pantry.  I clearly have too many things filling my pantry.  This has inspired me to "use what I have" before shopping again!

Loving the cocoa...

See??  Too much STUFF mom.  What do you call this?

We should be stocking more HEALTHY options...She found 5 boxes of scalloped potatoes this day.  She opened 2 of them.  I can't tell you how long they have been in there.  Tossed.

Whole wheat pasta....not so bad.....

Ok--she has moved on to under the sink~just keepin me real!

 Yep.  You have nasty chemicals in here.  Why don't you have a few garbage bags and get rid of that stuff???

OK--point taken. Guilt felt.  Chemicals gone.  I am moving onto GREEN options.
~for the record--she looks simply so unimpressed with me~

And as not to add insult to injury...she helps me clean up after her job is done.
yes--the swiffer is going away as soon as my norwex mop comes in!

And now that THAT is done--we have more time for the important stuff! 

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